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Dealer & business queries

Dealer & Business queries

Thank you for your interest in STAR Performance products.

Instead of selling a "supposed turn key solution", of a machine kit with supplies so that you can make hoses right away, we prefer to sell kits from our factory.

We can also produce components for your production use if you are already in the brake hose assembly business.
We can accommodate small to big scale machining production in mild steel, stainless, titanium & aluminum.
Bespoke branding for packaging solutions & molded components also available.
Obligation free, feel free to contact us to discuss in detail.


Dealer & distributor - Premade kit queries

Defined premade kits for motorcycles you can take straight to the market.

We are looking for dealers & distributors for a few regions.

Contact us for more information.

Premade kits with fitment and design of which we have already completed that will enable you to go straight to market and focus on the selling & customer service aspects. As we have invested into product from the very basics until the final retail packaging stages and you can take advantage of this.
What we can do is to cooperate with you to tailor products for your market's demand & conditions.

Why? There are many reasons of which some are obvious:

  • Brake hose product is involving, it takes some commitment to learn & invest in this product before it repays you back.
  • Building a trademark is time and resource heavy.
  • Building production stock is hard work.
  • With our experience, you can focus on selling to the market & develop new part numbers at a much faster rate.

We love motorcycles and as such, with the production of parts and assemblies, we are focussed on motorcycles. You will find that we have a comprehensive range of motorcycle components for the brake hose product sector. If there are new or out of our market applications, we are keen to work with you to learn more.

For automobile customers, we are working on a new exciting range of brake hose products.



Component & parts supply

For companies who are producing their own brake hose assemblies or for those of you who have somehow bought into the "supposed turn key solution" and are now looking at sourcing, we can help.

Go to our HARDWARE section to see basic product groups we offer in addition to fittings. Packaging solutions and other product machining & production available as well.

Brake hoses are involving because it requires some inventory in order to be able to build a healthy range of hoses.
And that's just the beginning of the journey. Hydraulics used to be a "cowboy" industry with hose product deemed fit for use as long as it plugs into point A to point B.
With the rapid communication expansion today making it easier to buy & sell, this has excerbated what we call the gold rush.
And with this expansion of sales, companies rush to produce product to sell. Hence the range of weird & wonderful products in the market today.

Standards made internationally for this products puts the onus of self policing & quality assurance on the manufacturers.
Tests on hose products that simulate extreme conditions to test construction & material quality.
Are you selling a "tested" product that uses DOT "approved" parts you do not include in your retail version? If so, why?

If you require, we can supply hose test rigs for pressure testing, whip testing, tensile testing so you can ascertain your own production quality.

There are many issues involved in making a hose fit. All of which are simple and common sense yet pose challenges to make right.
Issues like minimum hose bend radius, minimum fitting bend radiuses & final hose fitment on vehicle which will impact directly on product quality & life. Issues often ignored.

If you require technical assistance & tooling, we can assist in design & production of tooling for your proprietary designs.
Bends on fittings and banjos require careful calculations and design to achieve bends that are consistent, smooth & free of deformations.
The use of free form bending can cause internal bores to be deformed & constricted.

In the supply of fittings, we would prefer to sell parts to you prebent if you have some volume. When required, parts will come with certificates of conformance.
Basic part testing results per batch can be supplied & parts are packed trayed or bulk as per your requirements.

We also supply hardware like hose cutters, hose assembly jigs, hose skivers & fitting & banjo benders for both light duty & production line use.
If you require a bender so you can have "live" stock, we understand and have these for our range of fittngs that we can custom to your specifications.
Tooling is designed first with your fittings' specifications & calculated for your bends, produced from tool steel, hardened & tested before delivery.

We hope you can see this and decide to go your own way to build your own product.
A good product. With the quality that will assure the future for the product and the investments you put into it.

Here at STAR Performance we build with purpose.
It may take a month or two from the very start to produce your fitting to specifications.
And at the end of that period we will be able to supply you with confidence monthly allotments with the same consistent quality.
Why? Because we keep at it until we are happy with product quality. We want happy customers.

Contact us to find out more.