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Brake hose information
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We want to build the most comprehensive brake hose store with full pictures.
If you have a STAR Performance brake hose kit installed on your vehicle and if we have yet to have these pictures,
send them to us and we'll send you some free stuff!

Bleed nipple kits or rubber accessories and decals. Let us know what you would like, if we can send it, we will send it!



Send us your STAR Performance hose install pictures
for FREE stuff!

Your vehicle whould be as close to original as possible.
(if you have made som nice mods, send them for us to consider anyways)

  • Clean and clear pictures.
  • With as clean a background as possible.

We want shots of the brake hose fitment on the

  • master cylinders,
  • calipers,
  • ​routing from each.
  • We also require a head & side shot of the vehicle.



Be a developer!

Work with us to develop new hose kits.
If you have a new model that we have yet to develop a kit for, we would like to have your vehicle here!
Yes in our factory to make the neccessary measurements, and thereafter fitments.
We will also be using your vehicle for photoshoots for web use.

In return, you'll receive:

  • The first hose kit to roll out from STAR Performance
  • Customising options for your own preference with us
  • Huge discount off brake hose kit
  • Professional install
  • Professional brake bleeding
  • See your vehicle online in our website
Your feedback & comments will enable us to improve & build the best products. CLICK HERE to let us know what you think.