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About Us

Hi there and a very warm welcome to STAR Performance products.

STAR Performance is a division of Vector One Singapore, a manufacturer of brake hose components.
STAR Performance is our trademark for our own hose assemblies.


Being motorcycle nuts ourselves, brake hoses are one of the many upgrades we always make to our motorcycles.
We started trading in brake hoses in 1999 and there was always small details like fitment and how the hoses will hold up over time that disturbed us.
Remember, we also used them ourselves.

From there, we bought our own swage machines and started to produce brake hoses under license on our own.
This went on for a while until we decided to start producing our own brake components as these were unavailable.


Brake hoses may seem to be a simple enough product, however, the range of components that is required to build a sensible inventory can be intimidating.
Given the market prices, some components are prohibitive to produce and keeping a well stocked inventory is challenging.
And the popular business models operating today is Just In Time, few people want to keep stock anymore.


We started to produce our range of components slowly, but surely. Redefining details like fluid passages, overall component dimensioning for a whole system & even performance points like component weights.
It's been hard and a long road & today we are glad to have a complete range of brake & clutch hoses & components in our inventory. In stainless & titanium.

And with the kind support & involvement of our superb suppliers & partners till today we are glad to be a complete turn key solution provider for business customers.
We provide part design & manufacturing right up to packaging design & supply.

The reason for STAR Performance is simple, we research, refine & produce superb quality products that makes sense.
Instead of leveraging on a brand, our focus is on quality. The brand will come later on it's own.


We are concerned with our own product than those of any competitors.
The product design is careful and always need specific, unbiased towards production speed or inventory needs.
We produce a new part when a design calls for it.
There is no rush to sell or clear the inventory, nor to compete with any brand.
We work with quality suppliers and customers.


Through the years, business has evolved over the years & we kept the basics the same, our commitment to our customers, focus on product value & quality.
These are the core values of our business & will continue to drive us forward into the years to come.


We are here because we listened to you, our valued customers.


Through inspiration and information from our own experiences and that of you, our valued customers, we create more interesting products.
Common sense products that take it to the next level.


Here at STAR Performance we make products that we use ourselves.
Products that make sense.
You will find myraid examples of thought put into various aspects.

We trust that the discerning consumer, who know what he or she wants will appreciate our products and we look forward to hearing from you.
Go on, have a poke around our website and let us know if there are any other aspects you would be interested in seeing in our products.
We hope you find what you need here and if you have any other special requirements do contact us.