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Benefits of using stainless steel braided hoses


The benefits of using stainless steel braided hoses vs original rubber hoses


Rubber hoses

Stainless steel braided PTFE hoses


  • Expands under pressure - Robbing brake feel
  • Allows water permeation - Degrades brake fluid + corrosion
  • Hardens over time - Possibility of sudden leak forming
  • Can delaminate internally - Possibility of debris + blockage
  • Fitted with mild steel fitting - Corrosion formation
  • Zero expansion = Zero loss = better brake feel
  • Zero water permeation = Clean brake fluid
  • PTFE is super flexible up to 260 deg C = Safe permanent product
  • PTFE tube in hose is a single molded part = Clean brake fluid
  • Stainless or titanium fittings = Clean brake fluid





As seen from above comparisons, stainless steel braided PTFE hoses outperforms rubber hoses in almost every aspect. It delivers pressure efficiently, and keeps the media (brake fluid) clean and safe from permeation and possibility of detritus from breakup of hose internally.


Coupled with stainless or titanium fittings STAR Performance braided hoses are the solution for better brakes in many ways.


Cleanliness in a brake system is especially important to us as it determines the brake fluid condition, which will also control the state of your brake components internally. The state of the brake system is something you have to remove and take apart to check. And usually if there's a need to do so, it's usually too late. Some damage will have occured.


This is especially important for newer ABS equipped motorcycles, many of which are fitted with rubber hoses. There is a tendency for neglect of the brakes and it's usually the rear brake being most often the cause of a jammed or blocked brake port in the ABS modulator. This is due to rubber particulates travelling into the ABS modulator and jamming the port inside, causing a block to either the pressure input or output circuit of the rear brake. We found that this is due to the short lengths of rubber hoses on the rear brake system that may have led to this phenomenon. However, front brake circuits have been found to be jammed before as well.
Motor cars can also have this problem sometimes for older cars. The phenomenon is less likely to occur as car brake hoses are situated a long distance away from the ABS modulator, being seperated by the hard bundy lines.


Due to this, we advise against back flushing or back bleeding brakes from the caliper up on ABS equipped vehicles. The ABS unit is a compact, precise part that is designed to aid in your riding/driving with the possibility to save your life. Take care of it. Use STAR Performance brake hoses.





Why are you reading this? LOL that's a good one. You may fall into one of the following categories.


    Careful Joe. You want to improve your braking performance. It maybe competition or just a an itch you got to scratch, we know the feeling, it has got to feel completely right or it just wouldn't do. The bike's got to fit you. You know what you want and you research and understand products and how they will fit your need before you step up. A set of larger discs with the matching calipers and uprated master cylinders will definitely improve brake performance, but you don't want to take such a big financial hit just yet.

In this case, a set of hoses are required anyway if you do decide to go for a master cylinder swap, so you may as well start there. It will increase braking precision and performance. Not only will you have better braking, if the braking good enough for after the hose swap, then on to other areas. Hey, explore your options!

Old timers. Your best years, well, you know I know.


The fire is still there and the spirit is now tempered with an instinct for safety and self preservation.

Making informed decisions is more important now rather than the latest and the greatest bits available.


We call this experience.

You still enjoy riding and you know whats important. Maybe a new set of good tires rather than the hottest pipes on the market. It's hard enough to find time to ride and the choices you make reflect the fact.

You know what works and want the best set of brake hoses out there. Whether it's a brand new machine or if it's a set of tired hoses that you want to change out, well, you have come to the right place.


Welcome back buddy.

Mad Mike. You demand the very best of everything that can be done to your machine. For sheer personal pleasure or to get the upper hand over the compeitition.


Fact is, you try harder than most and the machine has to match your style.


Manufacturers have to work within bugdets and obviously that leaves nice gaps where you fill in yourself. Since the braking system is due for an uprate, we might as well go the whole hog.


Color, fitment, options, we have it all here.

Ask us, you may be surprised.

Larger master cylinder. CHECK.
Oversized brake discs. CHECK.
Upgraded brake pads CHECK.
New monobloc calipers. CHECK.
Stainless steel braided hoses. CHECK.






Attentive Albert. It's a new old bike or a brand new bike. And there are parts on it that could be improved. You know which, where and how. When it comes to brake hoses, the quality, finish and fit mattters to you. Plug and play is the part you want. And the small details are the sticking points to you. The sense of fulfillment with a job done well is key.

Well it could be how the full length hoses run from the master cylinder pump to the calipers. 2 hoses secured with bulky clamps or cable ties would work, yet there is something missing there. It's that small detail that could have been. Yep. Should have been and is found here at Star Performance.

Or how the experience could and would have gone better but for the fact that the new hoses came with wrong sized and cheapo look grommets, or that you have to cut up old hose locating grommets to reuse them on the brand new set of hoses you are going to install.
These things matter to you.

Here at Star Performance we know brake hoses.

Be it an old bike that you are rebuilding, or a new machine that requires better brake performance, it's all here.

Our complete braking system has you covered.