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Fitting bends

Our fittings come in a range of different bends to fit your vehicle accurately.
We shall use banjo fittings to illustrate bend angles and orientations as depicted below.
Fittings come classed into a few types, for more examples of the different fittings we have available, please go to the fitting type page for more information.
You can also click here.

Bends are divided into 3 distinct types:

  • Plain bends along the fitting's axial plane
  • Side bends along the fitting's lateral plane
  • Compound bends which are a combination of the 2 above bends

Plain bend banjo fittings are bent to angle along the banjo's axial plane



Side bend banjo fittings are bent to angle about the banjo's lateral plane



Compound banjo bends are a mix of various plain & side bends.






Plain bend fittings - Medium length banjo fittings depicted






Side bend fittings - Medium length banjo fittings depicted






Compound bend fittings - Medium length banjo fittings depicted
Left side cloumns show 45 degree side bend/compound bend / Right side columns show 20 degree side bend/compound bend
Left/right designations for the various bends are made with relevance to the top view of banjo or fitting's head direction at 0 deg or Zero state

Refer to Fitting alignment page for an explanation of how to set or recognise fitting in Zero state





The above depictions will help to name and identify banjo and bend types, for a better guide to measurements, click here for our print out pdf with angular lines for a fast & easy task at identifying the fittings & bends required for your vehicle.