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Welcome to our humble store!

We have hose fitment dimensions and patterns for motorcycles from 1988 to current. Whateveer you ride, we probably have already made a kit for it.

If you would like a kit, but it is not listed or if pictures are not put up as yet and you would like to confirm fitment details, go to the generic fit category & select hose kit by number of hoses, ie, 2 front + 1 rear for a superbike. We'll reply by email and invoice you.
If you would like more information, do contact us.

We aim to have all the pictures up as it helps with your purchase decision.

Instead of populating the website with a thousand part numbers, we are building a comprehensive graphic site.

This way, we feel that you as our customer, can check out how our product looks on the bike, and it's cool even if it's just to confirm whether it's the correct bike model.

Click on the email logo link below to reach us.