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STAR Performance hose kits

Vehicles depend on brake lines (the hard non movable metal link parts) and brake hoses (the active moving part) to transmit brake pressure from the brake master cylinders (master) to the brake calipers (slave).

Good brake hoses will deliver the best braking performance from your vehicle.
Standard brake hoses on vehicles are made to a few guidelines, use, safety and cost. Original vehiclebrake hoses will have to fit vehicle and deliver brake pressure, within design safety standards. At budgeted cost to a minimum specifications. Optimal performance is sometimes left out of the loop.
This is the same for engine performance, power transmission and so on. High performance vehicles come with a huge price tag, they reflect the amount testing, fine tuning and work that goes into each vehicle.

You can improve your motorcycle's brake performance with Star Performance brake hoses.
Our brake hoses deliver brake pressure accurately, with precision and reliability. We build our brake hose kits from the finest materials, and careful attention to detail. T
he complete solution.

  • Better braking.
  • Great looking hoses.
  • Cleaner brake system (less corrosion = longer brake component life).
  • Peace of mind from properly designed hose kits from end to end.
  Original rubber hoses are prone to water permeation. Such is the nature of rubber. As brake fluid is hygroscopic, it readily absorbs water, when it does, the properties of brake fluid that we want gets diluted, ie, temperature resistance, lubrication properties, & anti-corrosion properties. Thus for performance:
Rubber hoses = bad.
    PTFE, often referred to as a wonder material is self cleaning & water permeation proof, it is also very slippery, meaning almost nothing stocks to it. STAR Performance brake hoses are made with PTFE, mated with STAR PERFORMANCE stainless steel and titanium brake components to keep brake system cleaner longer.
  Rubber hoses expand under pressure, even when reinforced with yarn in brake hoses, this is normal. This hose expansion will affect brake feel as part of the transmitted energy will be expended. The residual pressure after hose expansion will be braking force.     Stainless steel braided PTFE hoses are used to reduce transmission losses by hose expansion. This means the input at lever or pedal is in effect the output at caliper. With this efficiency, brake feel & thus responsiveness of the brake system is much improved. Hence better braking performance.

Producing brake hoses used to just mean measuring the stock hoses on the bike or at the parts shop and replicating them.

This is a crucial misunderstanding of this product.
Braided hoses behave differently from stock rubber hoses in so many ways.
The minimum bend radius, increased torsional resistance and bending resistance mean that an aftermarket braided brake hose require actual fitment and full testing on a motorcycle to achieve the best possible design for each model.

It's common sense...

We want to route the hose with a smooth run to achieve the shortest possible length with room for hose flex at active parts of it while keeping within limits.
This way, the hose delivers the performance & you get the maximum durability of the hose on the vehicle.
It's supposed to be a "fit & forget" part, so long as it is not disturbed during maintenance or otherwise, all that's required would be occasional checks during maintenance.

The points that guide our hose design:

  • Follow the hose's minimum bend radius to prevent tubing inside hose from being flattened by a too tight bend radius
  • Use appropriate length fittings to their corresponding bends to prevent a constricted bore insside fitting
  • Use appropriate length fittings to their corresponding bends to prevent an overstressed fitting
  • Mount hose securely to isolate active and static portions from one another
  • Check hose movement clears all vehicle parts
  • Check hose movement does not affect other portion of hose movement/travel on vehicle

This is made more interesting today by ABS systems that use a bunch of hoses that have fitment and routing requirements and these lines and hoses go all over the motorcycle.
To us, we find custom fitment of a hose kit to a motorcycle counts as an innovation on it's own.

After all, the best hose can mean nothing if fitted wrongly. It's just common sense.
We have all the hardware to achieve at the custom beautiful fit. Grommets, bands, clips, adaptors, we have them and are constantly adding to our collection as new models arrive.

The strength of a part is only as strong as it's weakess link, and its at where we join the hose to the end fittings.
Swaged hose fittings have a drawback at it's swaged point where flexing causes fatigue failure of stainless wires that cut into PTFE tubing thus leakage.
We designed, tested and now implement a high temperature strain relief on all our hose ends.
Designed to shift the flex point away from the swaged joint, made from high temperature polymeric rubber, they protect hose ends for life.
Coupled with our hose fitment solutions, you get the best fitting hose kits available.

Performance & reliability from careful 
attention to hose routing and detailed supports on bending points of stainless braided hoses.
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With hose end supports, we zeroed out hose fatigue on hose

ends where they are swaged to the fittings.
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