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Stainless steel braided composite hoses used in brake applications have certain limitations that need to be addressed.

One of the requirements for DOT approved composite brake hoses is that the hose ends have to be swaged on for a tamper proof assembly.
Flexing of hose on the swaged end can damage hose over time. This is prevented with the implementation of a hose strain relief.






Swaged hose ends can be subject to constant flexing on the active portions of the hose and can be subject to undue and unreasonable stresses if hose design and fitment are out of the design limits, resulting in fatigue failure of the stainless steel wire braid and hence hose leakage/breakage as a result.


On certain models, we have seen homologated braided brake hoses fail over time. Sometimes, it is because of a component upgrade, ie, handlebar, that changes the hose routing. Sometimes, these hoses are made to pass homologation tests only. Motorcycle manufacturers explicitly state that these hoses are to be routinely inspected for wear and damage.


Plain hose swages will just barely pass the DOT fatigue whip tests. A short section of heat shrink over the joint will help to ensure the hose passes DOT whip fatigue failure tests, yet it's hardly a long term solution. For us, it just means that a proper hose end reinforcement is required.


What does all these jargon mean to you?




Our hose kits have permanent flex-guard reinforced hose ends. For peace of mind and reliability, our hose end strain reliefs provide flex relief on hose ends. Our design shifts the flex point further up from joint point, solving hose overbend at the swaging location. 

Brake hoses have to pass a designated set of tests to attain full DOT certification.

Some of these tests can be demanding, designed to simulate extreme conditions to ascertain hose assembly quality.

It's the responsibility of the hose manufacturer to ensure that design and contruction of hose meet and exceed these qualifying conditions.


STAR Performance brake hoses are DOT FMVSS106 / SAE J1401 compliant.

After certification, manufacturer has to ensure that hoses are made to the same standards.
Some hoses last through DOT tests and not real life conditions.


We make our hoses to fit, & build them to last.

STAR Performance hoses, built for life.


You can specify the color of strain reliefs you want on our hose kits.
Unless otherwise specified, Star Performance brake hoses come with black strain reliefs as standard on all kits.
Standard colors available are Black, Grey, & Dark Grey. Other colors available, please enquire for details.



Besides strain reliefs, it also means that our hose kits have to fit every vehicle in a meaningful, safe and neat fashion.

That's where our Made-to-Fit principle behind each hose kit comes in.


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